How did I miss my calling?

First Painting, 8
First Painting, 8″x10″, oil on canvas board

April 1, I attended my first art class to learn oil painting. Our teacher first discussed basic colors, we made a color wheel and looked at the cool and warm colors you get by mixing from our color palette of 6 basic colors: lemon yellow, cad yellow, cad red, alizarin Crimson, ultramarine blue and manganese blue. Of course, we also use white, but NO black paint. We must learn to create any color from just this limited palette, even black.

Next, our instructor did a demo of 2 pears on a plaid tablecloth. She showed us how to start with the darkest colors then add the brighter tones. We added the shadow when doing the tablecloth. I never really noticed shadows, sure I knew they were there, but specifically seeing them was a whole new vision.

Then we got to try our hand at the same painting. I’m not a fan of pairs, I’ve always been taught to think in odd numbers for design. So I deleted a pear and went with this composition. The outcome was quite a surprise for me, one I’m proud to present as my first oil painting.

I plan to present a fast forward version of our class exercises and the paintings I have created at home. Expect to see a link to my selling website soon.


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