A Studio for a new Artist

Have I mentioned that most of my paintings are produced fairly quickly?  I can sometimes complete 2-3 small paintings in one day.  I finished 2 this morning before lunch.  So, you may be wondering, where I do all of this work and where does it go after I complete the painting?

Today, I’m going to talk about my “studio”.  Our house is on a completely shaded lot, so the best light filters in from the kitchen windows.  Fortunately, we never filled this space with a dining set.  I decided this was the best place to start painting.  Here is an overall view of my space.

IMG_3989 IMG_3990

My easel was passed down from my Dad when we bought him a new and improved easel.  It is old, cranky and not overly stable.  (I have ordered a new easel that will arrive tomorrow.  Yippee!) It does have a nice flat surface to put my paintings while they dry….some of the paintings.  It also has some pull out drawers for my brushes and pallet knives.  I stand when I paint, so I have purchased a cushion mat to help my knees and feet.  Since I mostly paint small size canvases, the foam core board helps keep them stable.  Yes, I do paint outside the lines.

IMG_3986 IMG_3987

The 4 tier cart houses all of my supplies.  The top shelf does not have sides and my pallet box fits perfectly and is easy to paint from.  The next shelf holds my extra paints, turpenoid and a few other supplies.  The 3rd shelf holds my canvas stock, some are ready to paint, some still need a gesso priming.  The fourth shelf has reference photos and ideas.  And of course, it rolls, so when we have company, it is easy to put away.


Because I paint so quick, my inventory of finished art is building.  I have completed over 100 paintings, so far,  about 75% are salable.  I am currently overflowing into one of our guest rooms with more drying racks.  There is also a shelf with finished produce in cellophane sleeves to protect the paintings now and during shipping.  Yes, I am planning to sell some of these guys.  Be on the lookout for a selling website coming on Facebook.

That’s it for today.  Hope you are having a creative week.


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