50 Shades of White

I hope you are having a creative day.  I’ve produced 2 paintings today, I’m feeling fulfilled.  🙂

I recently read a forum on my Daily Paintworks website asking about how to paint whites.  I felt so accomplished, I’ve had 2 classes on whites with Alice O’Leary.  The first was early in our Beginner session and later this summer at a workshop in New Braunfels.   Just like learning to see shadows, I’ve had to learn to see many shades of a color, especially white.  Painting white is really painting some shade of grey with a blue, red or yellow cast and less white for the shading.  Here is my first white study in class.  IMG_3010    Alice taught us to make a grey pool first.  We did this by mixing ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and cad yellow, then adding white.  Notice that the bottom two petals are actually dark shades of grey, one is more red, the other more purple. I made these by tinting one leaf with more crimson and the other with more blue.  The center darks were made with more yellows.  Then we added white to make brighter shades for the highlights.

I was so excited about this lesson, I ran home and tried another subject.  Here is my egg study.  IMG_3014  The yolk is the only color that is not some shade of grey to white.

Here are 2 more paintings I’ve done using this technique.
Sand Dollar DreamsIMG_3102

FYI, I’m now on the Daily Paintworks website with a gallery of photos, check it out at:  http://www.dailypaintworks.com. Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I’ve been busy setting up this site and building my Facebook page.  You can also find me there under An Artist in Bloom.  Have a great Thursday evening.


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