In Honor of National Dog Day

I”m totally a cat person, I’ve never owned a dog, nor have my parents or brother.  But I found a cute face on a friend’s Facebook page, and I just had to paint it.  Here is the result:

IMG_4029He’s available on auction at:

The next day I painted the same dog from the backside in a larger scene.  IMG_4031  My Mother showed it to a friend ta day later and it sold!!

I have painted 2 more Dog Selfies (see below), both are from Rescue Shelter photos posted by a friend.  I’ve promised to donate some of the proceeds to the shelter if they sell.  If you are interested in either of these paintings, comment below or email me at:

6x6 oil on gesso board
6×6 oil on gesso board
5x7 on canvas panel
5×7 on canvas panel

I’ve had a couple of commission requests from friends, I hope to do these in the next week.  We’ll see how they go, I’m feeling lots of pressure to please the clients.  If it goes well, I will open up to more pet commissions.

Have a great weekend, Renee


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