Take a photo and keep on paintin’

As a daily painter, I sometimes want to be “done” with a painting and move on to my next project, be it another canvas or my to do list. I usually take a photo when I think I’m done, often to send to others for their comments. Invariably, when I look at the photo, I see an error that needs correcting, sometimes it’s a shape, the eyes of an animal are not at the right angle or I missed a shadow. I’m trying to make a habit of taking the photo when I think I’m done, studying the photo and making corrections. I find I’m taking 4-6 photos before I feel I’ve made the real corrections. At this point, I have to learn to Stop! or I will just pester the painting beyond what is really needed. Here are some examples of photos and corrections from a painting I completed last week.

Photo 1, Pumpkin Bullseye, #1 The first thing I see is a misshapen pumpkin on the bottom right, while the photo is perfectly round. I also felt the pumpkin was “streaky”, the highlights weren’t really highlights, but lighter color painted in. The stem in the photo had multiple colors, this appeared to be only a combo of 2 colors with a couple of highlights.
Photos 2-4

You can see where I began to add depth to the darks and lights with each review.  In the end, the bottom right leaf has the most extreme darks to lights.  In photo 2, the left looks flat but in photo 4, you can see were the edges are lifting and lowering.  This has taken me a lot of practice and I still need to work on this technique.

Here is the next painting and review photos I completed.  Can you tell the changes I made?   Martha’s Bell, photos 1-4:


What else would you correct?


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