Do an Exercise, Count Your Strokes

Our class exercise this week was to do a minimal stroke painting.  We selected a photo to paint, projected the least number of strokes we could paint that photo. I can’t say mine came out too great….  here it is:  FullSizeRender

I projected 25 strokes, I did this by counting the dark side, light side, shadows, stems and white spaces.  I didn’t leave myself enough strokes to better define the lights and darks, or add highlights.  5 more strokes would probably have solved these issues.

We did this exercise in the spring, I projected 50 strokes and finished in 52.  The little black streak was one of those “happy” mistakes.  But can you tell those are lemons??


Oh well, the point of this exercise it to learn to load the brush with paint instead of picking at it over and over.  Do you sometimes feel you are taking off as much paint as you put on?  Loading the brush helps this problem.

I needed to redeem myself after the awful apples.  I did this quick and loose version.  Ahhh, better.  IMG_5798


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