Little Canvas, Big Brush

I attended a second class this week and we painted on small canvases with very big brushes.  I did this same exercise in the spring and combined it with the Rose Challenge from the DPW website.  This was my first effort at a rose, here it is:


My style has tended to be focused on single flowers or vegetables.  I’ve been working on compositions with more detail, so for this week’s exercise, I selected a ballerina next to a wooden chair.  I pulled out a size 8 brush, then a 10, but my teacher handed me an 11 filbert.  The point of this exercise is to improve your brush strokes, twisting and turning your brush to get the details.  Here is my effort:IMG_5799

The outcome is good, but I’m still holding my brush tight and close in, especially for this painting.  I should try this again holding the brush further back and working on control.  I’ll keep you posted.

As an update to the studio blog…My husband has mentioned adding on a studio a few times, as my work was taking part of the kitchen, part of the laundry room and half of a spare bedroom.  He mentioned this to my teacher, she said, “do you use your dining room?”  And we don’t, except for our Holiday party and a few meals with family, but usually, we are entertaining outside.  A few weeks later, I dismantled the dining room.  Here are some photos.

IMG_5807 IMG_5809 IMG_5808

I’ve created a place to set up a still life on the cart with a bulletin board to hang a backdrop.  Our dining table is a gate leg style, I folded one end and placed it in the corner as my “office”.  It will be easy to set up again for our next party.  The table in the center is an old folding table that I’m using for framing projects and more.  The metal shelves are organized to hold paintings in different stages:  ready to photograph and varnish, ready to package and packaging supplies, ready to sell and sold plus shipping materials.  I’m enjoying my new space.  I need to work on my lighting, if anyone has suggestions, I would love to learn more.


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