Inspired by the Camino

Hello, world, I’ve been off the radar and it’s time for a comeback. Last year, my husband and I, along with 5 friends from Dallas, walked the Camino de Santiago. If you don’t know about the Camino, it’s a 500 mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. Yes, I walked 500 miles!  And it was the most amazing experience of my life. It toughened my body but softened my soul.

It also changed my art. I could not wait to begin painting the landscapes, animals and people I saw along the way.  But now, I had slowed my pace, I no longer frantically needed to finish a painting everyday.  I kept finding myself going back to touch up this or that.

I continued to paint these inspirational scenes for over a year  especially, the beautiful poppies that greeted us each morning.  My style began to morph using different techniques.  I focused on adding drama by making the darks darker and strategically add highlights.

After I had completed several paintings on this theme, I realized I had a series in the works.  I applied with these first few to the Goodrich Gallery, they feature a different artist every month.  I was accepted!  And my exhibit is going on right now, you can visit through August 27.  It’s located to the side of First United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas, easiest entrance is on San Jacinto between St Paul and Harwood.

Here’s a preview of my work.  I hope you’ll visit.



If you are interest in reading more about the Camino de Santiago, check out the following blogs: This is written by our friend Keith who walked the Camino with us.  He and his wife have been our traveling companions for many years.  There are also some essays on his blog, including one by me and one from Katja mentioned below   This one is in German nut you can use google translate to read it.  The author is a friend of our Camino buddy, Keith, from the blog above.  She is now a friend to all of us.


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